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Sales Partners

All products (except mAirList Home Studio and discounted home products) are available through our sales department and international resellers.

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Online Shop

Online purchases are available through our partner Digital River (MyCommerce/share-it). Clicking a product name will open the product page on the MyCommerce website where you will find detailed pricing and tax information before adding the product to the cart.

When the payment has been processed, the Digital River will send you an e-mail with a license voucher code which you enter in the Customer Area in order to create the license in your account.

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mAirList Standard/Advanced
mAirList Professional
mAirList Home
Audio Logger

mAirList Standard and Advanced

mAirList Standard and Advanced can be purchased directly from the online shop, or through any of our sales partners.

€ 476.00 incl. 19% VAT
(€ 400.00 excl. VAT)
  • Playout
  • Cartwall
  • Database/Scheduling
  • Streaming Encoder
  • Remote control via MIDI and USB
  • Layout and skin
€ 714.00 incl. 19% VAT
(€ 600.00 excl. VAT)
  • All features from Standard, plus:
  • Remote control for D&R and Sonifex consoles
  • TCP/IP Remote control
  • Voice Tracking
  • Advertising Scheduling
  • External DSP plugins
  • Scripting
Advanced Plus
€ 952.00 incl. 19% VAT
(€ 800.00 excl. VAT)
  • All features from Advanced, plus:
  • Remote control for DHD, Lawo, Axia and Wheatstone consoles
  • Ember+ Consumer
Advanced Server
€ 952.00 incl. 19% VAT
(€ 800.00 excl. VAT)
  • All features from Advanced, plus:
  • mAirListDB Server
  • Stream Monitor

mAirList Professional

mAirList Professional is exclusively available through our sales department our international distributors. Please get in touch for consulting and a quote.

€ 1190.00 incl. 19% VAT
(€ 1000.00 excl. VAT)
  • All features from Advanced Plus, plus:
  • SQL database backend, multi-user database
  • Royalty reports export
  • mAirListDB Server
  • MusicMaster Nexus API
  • Management licenses (optional)
  • Regionalization (optional)
  • Multi instance support (optional)

mAirList Home (personal use only)

Please follow this link: mAirList for Home Users

Audio Logger

Base licenses and additional slots can be purchased in the online shop or through our sales department and resellers.

Please note that online orders for additional slots will be processed manually, usually within one business day. No license voucher codes will be issued for slot orders.

Audio Logger
€ 119.00 incl. 19% VAT
(€ 100.00 excl. VAT)
  • Automatic 24/7 recording
  • Automatic cleanup by time or disk space
  • Recording of sound card line input
  • Shoutcast/Icecast stream recording
  • Silence detection and alarms
  • Single recording slot
Audio Logger
€ 238.00 incl. 19% VAT
(€ 200.00 excl. VAT)
  • All features from Standard, plus:
  • Built-in web server
  • Streaming encoder
Audio Logger
Slot Add-On
€ 119.00 incl. 19% VAT
(€ 100.00 excl. VAT)
  • one additional recording slot
  • add-on, requires existing Audio Logger Standard or Professional license
  • Can be purchased multiple times, number of slots only limited by CPU/RAM

Important Information

Prices and Tax

All prices listed on this page include German VAT. When buying from another country, your local VAT rate will be applied instead (according to EU tax regulations), and the total price may vary. For online purchases through Digital River, the price for your country will be displayed before you add the item to the cart. Click the “Shop” icon to see it. If you are a VAT registered business in the EU (outside Germany), you can enter your VAT number during checkout, and no VAT will be charged.

Crossgrading to Higher Editions

We generally allow to crossgrade to a higher edition by paying the price difference. Please get in touch.

Updates und Upgrades

All buyout licenses receive free updates within the same major release (e.g. 6.x). Upgrades to another major release (e.g. from 5.x to 6.x) are paid; upgrades from the previous version usually cost 50% of the original price. When purchasing an upgrade, you can continue the use the old version, but only on the same computer as the new one. Available upgrades and purchase links for your existing licenses can be found in the “My Licenses” section of the customer area.

Software Activation

Each license is valid for a single PC only. If you want to use the software on multiple computers, you must purchase the appropriate quantity of licenses. We use software activation methods to enforce this policy. When moving the license to another computer (e.g. because of a hardware failure), you can reset the activation in the Customer Area and activate the license on the new computer. Read more about software activation and licensing.

If you are going to use the license on multiple computers (one at a time), we recommend that you purchase a USB licensing dongle. In that case, the license will be tight to the dongle rather than the particular PC hardware. Read more about dongles..

Cancellations and Refunds

Please note that all sales are final, we do not accept any cancellations, or give refunds, for licenses purchased online (no EU right of withdrawel). Please use our trial downloads to check if the software suits your needs before buying a license.