mAirList Audio Logger

mAirList Audio Logger is our 24/7 recording and streaming solution.

Main Features
Additional Features in the Professional Edition

Main Features


All Audio Logger licenses come with a single recording slot, but you can purchase an unlimited number of extra slots to make Audio Logger a multi-slot recording and monitoring solution.

Automatic Recording and Cleanup

Audio Logger is designed to record audio signales continuously around the clock. It splits the recordings into files of a configurable duration (default is one hour), and deletes old recordings automatically when they reach a particular age (again, configurable) or when disk space gets low.

DirectSound, WASAPI, ASIO

Audio Logger can record line-in signals from any DirectSound (WDM), WASAPI or ASIO compliant sound card. Stereo inputs can be split into mono internally if required.

Stream Input

As an alternative to soundcard line-in signals, Audio Logger can also download and record Shoutcast/Icecast/WMA streams.

Various Output Options

Audio Logger supports a variety of audio formats for output, including WAV, MP3 and Ogg Vorbis (subject to codecs available on your PC and in your country).

Integrated Silence Detection

You can configure a silence threshold for each slot. Audio Logger can send an e-mail when the audio drops below this level for a given duration (and when the signal is restored again), and make HTTP calls to external surveillence systems to report those conditions.

Additional Features in the Professional Edition


With the streaming option, the audio from each slot can be streamed to a Shoutcast or Icecast compatible streaming server.

Built-in Web Server

Using the built-in web interface, you can access and download the recordings straight from your web browser.


The built-in web server includes a REST API that can be used to access status and recording information from third-party software, or to build a monitoring and silence detection solution with Nagios or Icinga.


Audio Logger is offered in two editions:

Standard Professional
Made for... Simple recording/logging tasks Advanced recording, logging, streaming and monitoring
Recording and Logging Standard Professional
24/7 Logging
Automatic recording and splitting
Automatic cleanup
Delete recordings after a certain time, or when disk is full
Sound card input
DirectSound, WASPI, ASIO
Stream input
Shoutcast/Icecast and WMA streams
Single recording slot
Each base license contains a single recording slot
Additional recording slots
Additiona slots can be purchased for a fee
paid option paid option
Advanced Features Standard Professional
Silence detection
With HTTP and e-mail alarms
Instantly stream recorded audio to Shoutcast/Icecast server
Web server
Listen to and download recordings straight from the built-in web server
For interaction with external monitoring systems, e.g. Nagios/Icinga

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