The mAirList Radio Automation was established in 2001 in Dortmund, Germany. The local campus radio eldoradio* had fine digital studio equipment, but no professional playout software. Commercial options were much too expensive, so we had to make our own software. In the following years, further development of mAirList went on, the software was offered to other stations and people, and eventually sold commercially.

Today mAirList is a popular solution especially among smaller radio stations and hobby radio DJs. Our customers appreciate the versatility of our software which makes it a perfect solution for all kinds of radio automation, like digital self-op studios, fully automated web or DAB channels, or enthusiast home studios. We believe that everyone deserves a (one!) professional radio automation software, whatever you broadcast, and wherever we can listen to it.

mAirList was created by Torben Weibert. While being a computer science student in the early 2000s, he discovered his love for radio when starting to work for eldoradio* as a DJ and engineer. Torben has worked full-time on mAirList since 2009, and the mairlist GmbH was eventually founded in 2011. Torben holds a PhD in Computer Science from the TU Dortmund University.