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mAirList 6.x / Re: Track edit not saving
« Last post by bulldogdave on Today at 14:07:06 »
Ah thanks. :)
Allgemeines Support-Forum / Re: playliste als txt. exportieren
« Last post by Radio4Players on Today at 11:20:49 »
Danke sehr, vielleicht lässt sich das ja *einbauen*, Dr. mAirlist ? :)
mAirList 6.x / Re: Track edit not saving
« Last post by Torben on Today at 09:59:03 »
The tag will never be re-read if metadata is already available from another source (database, MMD file, embedded into the .mlp playlist that you saved). That's unless you click "Re-read from file tag", of course.
Allgemeines Support-Forum / Re: Back on the Air again
« Last post by maguro on Today at 09:51:04 »

Ich frage mich nur gerade ob es noch Sinn macht mich in der 4.4 mit Problem rum zu schlangen die in der 6.x eventuell nicht mehr aktuell sind oder dann wieder hoch kommen.

Ich kann Dir aus persönlicher Erfahrung nur raten auf die V6 upzugraden. Du wirst diese Unterschiede schnell spüren/sehen und nicht mehr missen wollen.
mAirList 6.x / Re: Track edit not saving
« Last post by bulldogdave on Today at 09:31:20 »
If i change any attributes on a track while in the playout window, the change isnt being read from the tag as i thought it had done previously. I have to export it to tag & database. Perhaps automatic export/save or dynamic updating of lists?? Im sure things were different in V4 & 5, but im getting old!!LOL
mAirList 6.x / Re: Alternatives to toolbar access to Event Scheduler?
« Last post by Torben on Today at 08:16:03 »
Right, it's events.mle, not default.mle. Thanks for the clarification.
mAirList 6.x / Re: Playout UI locks up when using database search
« Last post by Torben on Today at 08:01:24 »
The problem is that the SQL query takes such a long time, especially with short search terms that return a lot of results. PostgreSQL is not Google...

You can force a minimum number of characters in the search term by adding these two lines to GUI.ini:

Code: [Select]

Upcoming version 6.1 will also have the option to limit search results to a particular number set in the config (using an SQL LIMIT clause).
mAirList 6.x / Playout UI locks up when using database search
« Last post by Cameron on Today at 04:53:54 »
I've been experimenting with various combinations of search terms. Searches that require more than a couple of seconds cause the UI to hang. Some searches don't return control for a minute or more and interacting with the UI causes "not responding" to appear on the title bar. If the search takes longer than 60 seconds, Windows reports that the "application appears to be frozen" and offers to kill it.

If audio is being rendered in a player, it continues to do so while the UI is unresponsive. Once the search concludes, the UI is immediately updated to reflect the current playout state.

On one occasion, I left it for 20 minutes and it hadn't completed the search.

I've tried *many* combinations of search terms and fields, with and without advanced turned on. Most return results within a handful of seconds. Several take a long time. I've found one that never seems to complete.

Our lab setup comprises a single playout station (a mac mini running Bootcamp+Win7) and a PostgreSQL DB server (Ubuntu server 16.04). Client and server both have 1Gbps NICs and are connected via 1Gbps ports on a managed switch. There is negligible network traffic. The server is effectively idle while the search is completing.

I've stripped the playout system back to its out-of-the-box state. The config directory contains only database.ini and

The DB has about 85,000 items. I repeated the experiments after vacuuming and subsequently reindexing the database. These maintenance tasks didn't change the outcome.

This is something of a show-stopper and I welcome any advice.
mAirList 6.x / Re: Alternatives to toolbar access to Event Scheduler?
« Last post by Cameron on October 19, 2017, 22:03:23 »
Thanks Torben. I discovered through experimentation that the file is now named config/events.mle. Once I'd copied the XML event definitions from the 5.3 installation into that file, everything started working as expected.
mAirList 5.x / Re: Lizens übertragen und playliste Spiegeln
« Last post by willi45 on October 19, 2017, 21:48:04 »
Geht's auch mit einen dritten Monitor, das es der Co-Moderator sehen kann? ???
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