mAirList for Home Users

Our products target small to medium size commercial and non-commercial radio stations. We do know however that there are people out there who build their own private radio studion in their homes, and who are looking for a software that will let them work like the “real” stations do. While mAirList is priced very competitively, compared to other FM radio automation systems, we are aware that it’s too expensive if you just use it for a hobby.

That’s why we offer a very large discount to people who only use our software at home and for their personal recreation, in form of a special Home version of mAirList. In return, the home users help to make our software recognized and popular around the world, give feedback, and provide us with (far too many) ideas for future developments. So we do benefit from the Home versions as well.

Compared to the regular playout/studio licenses (Professional Studio), some features are missing in mAirList Home Studio, in particular:

Please note: mAirList is a software that is designed for (and being used by) professional FM, DAB and web radio stations. It is offers a large amount of features and configuration options. On the other hand, it requires a fair amount of technical knowledge, and you will have to invest some time to get used to the way the software works, and how to deal with the configuration options. Before you buy, please use one of our demo versions to find out if mAirList is the right software for you.

The Rules

The home user discount can only exist (and will not destroy our primary business) when everyone sticks to a couple of rules:

Individual users only

The discount is only offered to individual users. No businesses, no schools, no organizations.

Only for yourself

You may only use the software for yourself, it is not allowed to give other people or organizations permanent access to the license. (It’s OK to invite a friend to be your sidekick of course, but we must avoid that people trick us by buying a discounted license under their personal name, and then give it to a non-home user.) If you want to sell the license at a later point, you are allowed to do so if the buyer is a home user as well.

No commercial use

It’s not allowed to make any money from using discounted home user licenses. If you run a business, even a one-man business, please get a regular license.

Only available online

Home user licenses can only be purchased online. Please refrain from contacting our sales partners about them, they will not be able to help you.

Forum support only

Please use the support forum if you have any questions regarding setup, configuration and usage of the software. We do not offer any other kind of support (e-mail, phone, remote, …) for home users other than the public support forum.

Be fair!

Some of our users started with a small hobby radio station which transformed into a successful commercial project over time. If the same happens to you: Don’t forget to contact us so that we can adjust your license. When we find that a home user license is used outside the above restrictions, we will be very upset (and possibly demand a huge compensation).

Please understand that, in a particular case, it might be necessary to request a written confirmation about your home user status, and that we may lock your license until we have received that confirmation.

We do not offer any refunds when we find that these rules are broken deliberately (e.g. purchases made on behalf of businesses).

How to Buy

mAirList Home Studio is exclusively sold through our online shop. Please read the notes and important information before you buy.

Full Version

Volume Discounts and Group Buying

You receive a separate voucher code per license ordered, so you can pass the codes to the other people in your group.

We offer additional discounts for large web radio stations with a big number of volunteer DJs (10 or more Home licenses). Please ask for details.

DJ Licenses

Licenses can be put in a special “DJ mode”, where they are purchased by the web radio owner, but then handed out to another person for a particular period of time, after which the license can be assigned to another (or the same) person again. (Note that it’s not possible to reclaim a license before the end of the selected period.)

If you are interested in this kind of license, please get in touch before you buy, so we can provide the necessary details about the process.


Upgrades from ealier version are available in the customer area. Go to My Licenses, then Show Details, and find the prices and shop links in the Upgrades and Add-Ons section.